A small sample game in the style of Advance Wars. 

- Click a unit to cycle through it's abilities
- Button upper right ends turn
- Win by capturing opponent HQ

Game Engine and Game Source code:

Development log


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I love advance wars clones! Very impressive and fun!

Some criticism: Infantry are WAY too strong. They deal damage to everything, and capture in one turn. I'm not really sure what is the point of building tanks since artillery have such huge range and infantry move just as fast. Otherwise, I love some of the new mechanics (such as being able to attack after moving, and no counter attacks).

Sry, im a bit of an advance wars nerd hehe. I really hope someone makes a great SRPG game one day (other than Wargroove). 

Hi, glad you like it! 

This is a sample project for our engine, so it's not very well balanced, I agree :( But I will make an update to address the points you bring up!

Good game and AI!